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company news about Refractory material for reverberatory furnace

China Zhengzhou Rongsheng Refractory Co., Ltd. certification
China Zhengzhou Rongsheng Refractory Co., Ltd. certification
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Refractory material for reverberatory furnace

The furnace is divided into fixed and tilting type two kinds, the general use of gas or oil as fuel. Aluminum smelting is usually fixed with reverberatory furnace. Reverberatory furnace non working layer refractory fiber felts and fireclay insulating brick masonry, the working layer of molten pool over parts of the general use of clay bricks, high alumina refractory is also available in the pouring material precast block hoisting or watering or high alumina refractory in the field can be plastic ramming into. Working layer of the molten pool according to different requirement, the material is also different, generally uses the Al2O3 content was more than 75% high alumina bricks, also available with Al2O3 content of 80% high alumina refractory castable is poured into the overall work layer. When the melting of high purity aluminum metal, molten pool layer should work with high purity mullite brick, brick zircon corundum bricks or aluminum, aluminum groove and export, stream lining of the body, in order to infiltration and erosion resistance of liquid aluminum, generally use a large silicon carbide brick. Holding furnace and its solvent and alloy material processing chamber for refractories and reverberatory furnace is basically the same. When using the electrolysis aluminum liquid as raw materials, first of all from the bottom of aluminum electrolytic cell with Hong Straw or vacuum bag to suck out the aluminum liquid, and then transported to the reverberatory furnace, pour from the loading port. After loading, heating and blowing oxygen to melt pool of dehydrogenation. Hong Straw lining generally used refractory fiber reinforced lightweight refractory castable insulation layer, also can use 0.8g/cm3 fireclay insulating brick masonry, the working layer of commonly used dense clay bricks or corundum bricks. Vacuum bag lining heat insulation layer and a rainbow Straw is same, the working layer is made of high quality clay bricks or high alumina bricks. Under normal operating conditions, reverberatory furnace and holding furnace service life is generally 2~5 years.

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