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company news about Refractory material knowledge popularization: classification of refractory materials

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Company News
Refractory material knowledge popularization: classification of refractory materials

Refractory material variety, usually in refractory degree is divided into ordinary refractory material (1580 to 1770 DEG C), high-grade refractory materials (1770 to 2000 DEG C) and special refractory material (2000 DEG C); according to the chemical characteristics into acid refractories, refractory materials and basic refractories. In addition, the refractory material used for special occasions.

Acid refractory material with silicon oxide as the main ingredient, commonly used are silica brick and clay. Silica is silica products, silica containing more than 93%, raw materials used in silica, silica and other waste, the acid resistance of slag erosion ability, high refractoriness under load, the volume does not shrink after repeated burning, or even a slight expansion; but vulnerable to the erosion of basic slag, low thermal shock resistance. Mainly used for thermal equipment of coke oven silica brick, glass melting kiln, acidic steelmaking furnace etc.. Clay brick with refractory clay as the main raw material, containing 30% ~ 46% of alumina, weak acid refractory material, heat shock resistance is good, there is resistance to acidic slag, wide application.

Neutral alumina refractories, chromium oxide or carbon as the main component. Containing more than 95% of alumina corundum products high quality refractory materials is a wider use of the. Chrome brick by using chromium oxide as the main component of the corrosion resistance of steel slag is good, but the heat shock resistance is poor, high temperature load deformation temperature is low. Carbon refractories with carbon bricks, graphite and silicon carbide products, its thermal expansion coefficient is very low, high heat conductivity, heat vibration performance, high temperature strength, resistance to acid and salt corrosion, is not affected by the wettability of metal and slag, light. Widely used in high temperature furnace lining material, also used as autoclave liner of petroleum and chemical industry.

Refractory to magnesium oxide, calcium oxide as the main ingredient, is commonly used in magnesia brick. Magnesia magnesia containing 80% to 85% above, have the very good resistance to alkali slag and iron slag, refractory degrees than silica brick clay brick and high. Mainly used in open hearth furnace, oxygen blown converter, electric furnace, non-ferrous metal smelting equipment and some high temperature equipment. High temperature oxide materials have special applications in refractory materials, such as aluminum oxide, lanthanum oxide, beryllium oxide, calcium oxide, zirconium oxide, hard materials melting compounds, such as carbides, nitrides, borides, silicides and sulfide; high temperature composite materials, mainly metal ceramic, high temperature inorganic coatings and fiber reinforced ceramics.


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