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company news about The huge role of refractory brick: resistance to high temperature

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Company News
The huge role of refractory brick: resistance to high temperature

Refractory bricks can resist the high temperature this tremendous effect was put to good use in the cement industry. With the development of science and technology, the cement industry in our country are also constantly improving skills, so the refractory material requirements are constantly improve. So the refractory brick which is excellent in resistance has been very much to play well in the cement industry, then how do we to distinguish the quality of refractory brick?

Usually the inspection method of refractory brick quality is to simply use hammer to knock the refractory brick in the middle where the resolution according to it, the voice out, if there is a voiced sound, then we can illustrate intermediate refractory brick with gaps or layered, the refractory brick can not be used for masonry cement kiln; if it sounds very uniform but is also accompanied by sound, this can explain the internal structure of refractory brick is intact, can be put into processing use; if the sound is crisp, like metal sound, then indicate internal refractory brick with high sintering temperature, will have great difficulty in processing time.

Some of the chemical composition of refractory brick also determines its special properties, such as the temperature changing and it is rapidly changing situation has still not been destroyed, able to withstand the tremendous pressure in the shear time, not easy to deformation at high temperature, which is what we call the ability to withstand high temperatures is very big and strong.

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