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company news about Unshaped refractory material introduction

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China Zhengzhou Rongsheng Refractory Co., Ltd. certification
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Company News
Unshaped refractory material introduction

Unshaped refractory materials from various varieties, production method and use method can be divided into concrete, pouring material, plastic, ramming material, gunning, cast material, coating material, dry ramming material, fire mud, all kinds of repairing materials (Li Qing combined with large surface repair charge, Ma Dingsha also is not approved) list. Although not finalize the design product name is various, the typical production methods can be classified into the following three main forms:

1.Concrete. Early concrete technology appeared, it is not forming products products, hot kiln some parts such as soaking pit furnace furnace wall, rotary kiln mouth ring and the lower slope before and after feeding, discharging chamber wall etc., are able to design into a large shaped masonry (heating furnace top block weighing 3-4 tons) into concrete. Cattle production method of concrete, is pouring material injection model, vibration molding, demoulding after heat treatment, provides to the user in addition to large block, weight, pressure brick machine in use and has no essential difference. Casting this completed in the manufacturer's material for more than 10% less water than cast in site, good processing quality, quality and stability. Because the brick field must be big and heavy, hoisting equipment, as long as the site can hoisting construction, should as far as possible the use of concrete, but also can be made into a smaller form, few people can carry on the line. Concrete user does not have to do a special heat treatment, instrument of this point is very meaningful.

2.Castable. Castable refractory material factory to provide raw material proportioning scheme, field processing, using the vibration rod compacting, maintenance must heat treatment, due to limitations of site conditions quality is not stable, but the overall casting material good in concrete, science two aspects as concrete to water and heat pouring material quality is critical, raw material the consumption ratio of concrete is 5% ~ 8%.

3.Plastic. From the production method that intermediate plastic between concrete and pouring material. It consists of refractory material factory first "pouring material made of mud" has plasticity, ingredients in retarder, is composed of a plastic bag packaging, construction and heat treatment on the spot. The biggest problem in plastic can be applied is knotted some easy peeling, retarder dosage improper or bad easy caking plastic hardening.

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